How Grafana is converting the values bits/sec into the Gbps

Dear Team,
I would like know that, how Grafana Dashboard panel converting the values from bits/sec to Gbps and vice versa. We are observing some abonarmility in dashboard.


Hello @arjunsutar!

This is a good question. We are using the following function to scale up/down the units depending on the value. Are you comfortable reading typescript? If not I am happy to help you out translating what the function does.

Hi Marcusandersson ,

Thank you very much for your and support. I am not comfortable to read such scripts .
I would appreciated if you explain in simple way. Actaully we have on NDS server from where we are collecting data on Grafana dashboard .

In NDS server bits/sec to Gbps values are showing correct. But Grafana dashboard there is some descripency on values . Values are showoing less in Grafana (10Gb).

How does Grafana converting this values from bits/sec to Gbps .
Also if I want to see values in Bytes that time on panel vaules are showing Zbps …

How to covert this Zbps into bytes.


Please give an example of what you think it should be and what it is.
Also hover over it to see what that shows.

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Have you got Mean or something similar specified in the query? If so then remember that the value will be the average over the pixel width, not the value at the end of pixel.

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Dear Clanlaw & Marcusandersson

Thank you very much reply. I have sorted this issue, actually we were getting less values from Elasticsearch to Grafana. Thanks for your support.

Arjun Sutar

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