Showing only the time range of the data points from the InfluxDB

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sorry for making this question, but I could not find any similar question on the web. I’m using InfluxDB to save intra day financial data. As you can see on the screenshot data points is only available on the time range from 9:00 am until 5:30 pm. When plotting for example three days, the time range for the missing data points between 5:30 pm and 9:00 am has the same interval as those for the existent data. Grafana plots a linear connection. I would like only to show the time range of the data points which are in the database so that the end I have a continuous plot without gaps and interpolations.

How can I realize this?

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If you want gaps in the data for periods where you have no data add fill(null) to your query and make sure display option null as null is set (In display tab), then the region without metrics will be blank and no connecting line will be show.

You can not remove time ranges from the graph so there will be a time range there. But you can get rid of the connecting line.

Hi @md5sum ! Cool nickname, but it’s deprecated now, replaced by SHA256 :wink:

About your question , I think that you need to set the fill option to none instead of null, un tour graph settings.

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@torkel I tried fill(null) and null as null in the display tab as you proposed but the line connection is still there. I guess it’s not possible to show the time same discretization as it is present in the database. So it means Grafana plots a equidistant time on the x axe.

@victorvillarreal indeed I should move to SHA256 :wink: but I like the name md5sum :sunglasses:
Neverless, the option null also doesn’t bring the solution :frowning:


The option I suggest was fill(none), not fill(null).

After some google research I found, that this is common problem on financial data where you usually have data gaps on week ends and during the closing time of the stock. May be I’ve to go deeper into Grafan or I’ve to use another tool. Nerveless it means that’s nothing which can be done out of the box.