Cover blank gaps in the graph

I was trying to plot market data on grafana and since the market is not open 24/7 there are times when there are no values to be displayed, however grafana keeps those times blank, is there any way to hide those blank gaps and only display the times on x axis if some value exists for that time?

checkut this answer:

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Can you please explain me where are the display options on the graph panel?

see the image here you can change the connect null values to always


See it does not help

@usamaaltaf420 Any ideas?

Sorry no clue :frowning: hope anybody else can help

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If I had to guess, I would say it would work if you changed the visualization to Time Series. But of course, that is no good because you want to use Candlestick.

What is your datasource that contains this data? In InfluxDB, you can use the Flux function hourSelection() which filters rows by time values in a specified hour range.

|> hourSelection(start: 10, stop: 16)

Is it possible to use it in the editor mode or do I need to use the raw query?

Are you using influxql or flux?

I am using influx db

What query language? Influxql or flux?

This is how I am querying

I would attempt a left join from a virtual “table” with dates where signal values are null