How can I show data points outside of my time range with fill(previous)


We are storing data points to InfluxDB, writing only if the value changed relative to previous data point value to InfluxDB, Some values change every 15 sec. some are more than 4 hours.


In my Grafana I’m using my time range last 1 hour data to visualize.
If I don’t have data point within the time frame I have empty graph or no data, I already set Fill(Previous).

How can I show the last value outside of my time range.


This is a tricky solution that I would not recommend unless you really need it.

First of all, if that point is not showing, that means that it’s not being queried, so the first step is to make your query go deeper into the past. Modify your query to make sure it’s taking all the points you need would make it appear.

Hope it helps.

tip: if you have problems with the time range when modifying the query, you can jump into the code (addTimeAxis() method in public → app → plugins → panel → graph → graph.ts) and set a manual time range with typescript own functions for that.