Show me your fancy dashboard - need inspiration

This here is a very typical dashboard for me. Selector for device to visualize - header with some summary, then time series for actual values. I’m feeling that I keep reproducing variants of this for different topics.

Anybody with something just visually stunning? Something very informative? Other ways to visualize than time - like CDF?


My two cents:

  • you don’t need “header” - use bottom table legend and you can get more aggregations (min/max/mean/…) there for each timeseries
  • iperf panel - see Grafana
  • I would add aggregation dashboard variable (Interval type with default auto value), it is good to have that “auto” magic, but sometimes it is good to force it to specific time period - e.g. hourly, daily, …
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Really liked the bottom table legend stuff. Also the idea of Interval as variable. Very useful as you say. Thanks @jangaraj!

The header in this screen grab was not all that useful - used one of my personal pages as an example. But at my company we have a single page with a large number of graphs pr device. Here we use the header to highlight red flags. So for example just showing rsrp if below threshold, latency if above threshold - helping the customer support to find which graphs to focus on.

Here’s my SNMP dashboard for inspiration.


Like the color scheme. :slight_smile: And use of tables for the ports.

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Yup - the color scheme was actually inspired by the Unifi Dashboards, where Tx is purple and Rx is blue - so I just went along with that. Plus it’s a good contrast to my other dashboards with typical Red, Yellow, Green traffic light colors - in this way, the whole color palette is used. :blush:

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