Custom color palettes and that

Searching around it feels like this is oddly impossible, but I’m looking for any options to set a custom color scheme. I have some company colors I’d quite like to make the dashboard graph lines use, rather than the default start of yellow and green (Go Pack Go!)

Most ideally I’d like a way to get a deterministic color scheme for a given variable name. I have (dynamically named) hosts and various attributes about that host, if it were possible to do “get_color_scheme($hostname)” to give back a nice range of colors to use in sequence for each… partition / file / cpu core, it’d allow for some really clean grouping of data in graphs. This idea somewhat clashes with always using the first color first maybe, but a boy can dream…?

So yes, any hints to improve either / both 1) the specific default colors of my graphs and 2) the clarity of using more similar colours within categories where possible. On filtered, dynamic data would be great.

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Check this sample dashboard on play, it shows how to do quite a lot with colors.

It isn’t going to do the parameterized color schemes like what you’re talking about, but can show quite some flexibility.

:smile: but of course. what specific visualization are you using?

can these custom color choices have a matching hex color code?

I’ve been using a custom HTML panel to override CSS in line with the DISABLE_SANITIZE_HTML option, feels less than ideal, but visually getting the results we want.

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