Idea for the "perfect" dashboard but not sure if it's possible

Hi, we’ve been using Grafana for a while now and we’ve come to love it the more we use it.
We’ve been using metric beat for a while and we’re not really happy with it, so right now we’re evaluating both Telegraf/InfluxDB and *-exporter/Prometheus.
(In reality, if one can help us do what we want, and the other can’t, that’s probably the one we go for)

Our idea for the perfect dashboard (if it exists?) would be something like this.

We have X amount of servers in 2 locations, and I want to use polystat-panel to show a tile per server.
If everything is alright, they should be green, but if they get an alert (or something else to trigger it?) they should go yellow/red depending on the severity of the alert/trigger.

If you press the server with alert/trigger it takes you to the dynamic dashboard with the servername in question as the variable.

I have a dynamic dashboard for hosts with a variable to show detailed information for each server.

Is it possible to pull off such a thing?

Thanks in advance.

Grafana with influxdb should allow you to use a “ multi-select” dashboard variable. query referencing that variable in the select…and also in “repeating” section. Then depending on the visualization you choose the individual panels can contain a data driven hyperlink to launch url or do something fun