Dashboard of metrics from multiple servers?


I’m getting started with Prometheus+Grafana for monitor a few servers.

I have node_exporter running on a few servers feeding data into Prometheus, and a Grafana instance querying data from Prometheus and showing as “per node/server” dashboards.

What I’d really like is an aggregated dashboard - a table that lists all servers being monitored, and displaying their core metrics - CPU, memory, disk & network as simple numbers.
Something like this: https://github.com/likexian/stathub-go

Can anybody give me directions on how I can achieve this with Grafana?


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I’m looking for similar view on my Prometheus/Telegraf setup. I’ve got about 60+ servers and would like to view them the way Ganglia and Datadog shows servers. Each node is a single icon that has a color (green,orange or red) depending on status and you can click on the node and go into all the metrics being collected for it. Did you ever come up with solution for your dashboard? I think your list style would acceptable for my uses as well.