Alerts Dashboard Question

Hey everyone, quite a noob here, just recently started monitoring my 2 VM windows servers using Grafana, Prometheus and Windows exporter on a windows 10 machine. I created my dashboards, i created my alerts and my notification routes, but i would like to have an overview of all my dashboards and the alerting state of each of them.

So for example I have 2 dashboards, 1 for each of my VMs and i notice that when i enter the dashboards each of the panels which have alert rules have either a green icon or a red icon depending on whether they’re firing or ok. I was wondering if I could have the same kind of view but for my dashboards. My dashboards have 14 alert rules, could I make a dashboard that contains my other dashboards as panels and if even one of these alerts is firing mark the whole dashboard as red? Kinda like a health monitor for each of my systems

I hope im making myself clear, i tried going about it using GPT but seeing as GPT only knows until grafana 8 I cannot really get my head around this. Would appreciate any help or guidance.

Welcome @moggolo3

Have you seen this visualization? We use this and have each alert with meaningful labels & colors to know where the alert is coming from.

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Hey there @grant2 , thank you for your reply, I did check it out, is there any way I can group my alerts so that there’s just one instance showing up per grafana alert folder? I tried the custom grouping by grafana folder and it still shows me each individual alert, is there some way to go around it?

Thanks in advance