Where can I find these cool widgets?

I am really enjoying the “Grafana for Beginners” YouTube series with Lisa Jung. In particular I like the part about building dashboards for applications.
Question: are the sample dashboards used in the series available online to review and copy? I’m especially interested in the “service latency by container” and “service throughput by container” visualizations (couldn’t quite read the underlying PromQl query in the video.

Thanks much!

About me: I’m an experienced Solarwinds administrator. My company currently deploying Redhat Openshift with Grafana as a visualization tool. Working to get up to speed with Prometheus, PromQL, and Grafana.

which dashboards?

would be tedious to go through those videos and try find them, mind sharing which specifically?

might it be better to ask Lisa Lung on her youtube channel?

Thank you!

Specifically I am looking for “Annotating Evengs with Grafana | Grafana for Beginners Ep. 10”. The two visualizations at the top for “service latency” and “service throughput”.
I have been searching the /grafana/dashboards site for these dashboards and so far have not found those visualizations.
I dropped a note in the Comments section of the YouTube video. Hopefully Lisa J. or someone can respond.
Thanks again for your help.

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a quick google search takes me to


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Thank you! At the end I was able to make some good basic networking i/o visualizations using container_network_receive_bytes_total.

I appreciate all of the assistance. Marking issue closed.

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