Sharing only one dashboard

Hello there,
first, I will introduce in to my solution:

I have plenty of servers, like thousends. Every server has different metrics in telegraf. I have the template dashboards with all metrics available in telegraf. With REST API I’m generating unique dashboard for every server only with metrics that the server uses - I removed unused panels.

For example… I have 100 servers and 1 template. Result is 100 unique dashboards.

Now the problem. I need to have for every dashboard link for sharing. Person who recieve this link can show graph for only his server and can’t go anywhere else.

Is there any solution for this?

Second question - how many dashboards I can have in my grafana? :smiley:

Thank you !

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As per the number of Dashboard, you can refer to this post :

In other words if you want to scale horizontally you will need to change the sqllite database.

Good Luck

Someone have any idea?