Maximum number of Dashboards per Grafana install

Hi, what is the maximum number of dashboards that can be created in a Grafana install.

Our use case is, when the users log in we have to show every user their individual dashboard where in they can edit/save their dashboards.
For that we are creating a new dashboard for the first time the user logs in. After that he/she will view the previously created/updated dashboard.
There can be anywhere around 150-1000 users who will be logging in at the same time so the same number of dashboards will be created.
I wanted to know the performance side of this approach whether it is feasible or not. Also if there are any other solutions to this use case.

Another thing that i wanted to know is when i am not using Grafana front end but the service is running, is the service/dashboard still polling the datasource ? is it consuming memory ?

No problem. Just don’t use default sqlite DB and scale your setup (Grafana/DB servers) horizontally -

Another option is SAAS Grafana, so Grafana team will take care of availability, updates, scaling infrastructure, …

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Thank you for the reply @jangaraj.

I do however have one more question. Does the service keep polling the datasource when Grafana front end is not in use ?
Because if it does then it might affect perfromance and then we might change the implementation to deleting the created dashboard every time and creating a new one on every login

No. Grafana service doesn’t pull datasources (unless you have some alerts configured). A datasource pull is always initiated by a request from the browser => it doesn’t need so many resources when nobody is using frontend.

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Thanks a lot @jangaraj