Set Stat Panel Color by Field Label

I have queried data that looks like the following:

I want to use the “color” label I dynamically generate in my query to set the color of the panel. I looked into the Config From Query Results transformation but it doesn’t let you choose based on label. It is based on filed.

Is there a way to set the color field from a dynamically generated query?

According to documentation:

Field configuration

Each field in a data frame contains optional information about the values in the field, such as units, scaling, and so on.

By adding field configurations to a data frame, Grafana can configure visualizations automatically. For example, you could configure Grafana to automatically set the unit provided by the data source.

So, what is it that I am missing here? As you can see in my previous message I have color="green" in my data frame. Why Grafana is not setting the color accordingly? Is there a syntax error here?