Search bar in Templating with Elasticsearch datasource

In the picture I’ve used ad-hoc filter to show the search bar for the template- session. I’m using Elasticsearch as the datasource and I want to manually type in the session number and get the Customer IDs for those sessions in the template. And, eventually use this customer ID to parse in the link (“External link” in the picture).

Currently, is there an option for doing a manual entry (something similar to a “search bar”) in templating for Elasticsearch datasource?

You could use a session variable value in the customer ID variable definition as a filter. You can use also dashboard variables in the link definition.

Thanks for getting back on this @jangaraj. I’m currently doing something like- {“find”:“terms”,“field”:“customerid”, “query”:“session:$session”} to get customerID. But the thing is I do not want to choose from the query type templating for session where I get to choose from the drop down list. Ideally I am looking for something like, typing in manually the session ID and getting the customer IDs.

You don’t need to select value in the dashboard variable from the dropdown list - just click and write the value manually. If offered values in the drop-down list are disturbing you, then write a query which will have an empty output (or use different variable type), so manual typing will be only one option for the variable input.