Custom Query Variable on Elasticsearch Datasource

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I’m using an elasticsearch datasource.
Works great.

I’m trying to make a dropdown selection at the top of a dashboard that matches specific queries to apply on the entire dashboard.

For example, I want a dropdown selection called “Hardware”, with several possible selections like:
Hardware :

These selections need to invoke specific queries, like :

Board1 corresponding to the query : hardware:1

But Board2 corresponding to the query : hardware:2 AND NOT id:aa*

So I gathered I should use a variable of the “Custom” type.
I’ve tried many different syntaxes with no success.
Such as for example, in the custom type variable’s custom options field :

Board1 : ${hardware:1}, Board2 : ${hardware:2 AND NOT id:aa*}


  1. Is the “Custom” type variable the appropiate method for my use case ? (Or worse is my use case achievable on an elasticsearch datasource?)
  2. Is the syntax correct ?
  3. Would I need to include this in the dashboard’s panels ? And if yes how (because the query has potentially more than one parameter : because of Board2 query, I couldn’t possibly place hardware:$hardware…)?

Thank you for any support here, which would be immensely appreciated.

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