Alias Dashboard Variables with Elasticsearch?

Is there a method to alias dashboard variables using an Elasticsearch Data Source? I am referring to the method in this article with an example using MySQL:

Would like to query a data source in ES that has an ID key and human readable value. In the dashboard, a template variable showing the human readable value would be selectable, and this would be translated into the ID key to be used in the query.


Yes, definitely

I assumed that you already have Mysql Datasource…
In the Variable you need do like below:

The deponame is human readable text and the serialnum is the value that will be use for query.

Fadjar Tandabawana

Thanks, but my question is concerning using Elasticsearch as the Datasource instead of MySQL.

Perhaps @simonc , who wrote that excellent article, might know?


What is the structure of your document in elasticsearch concerning ID key and human readable value?
Perhaps you can query the ID key first, then hide it, then create the second variable using query from the result of the id key.