Scrollbars in Some Individual Dashboard Elements


I’m using two dashboards from the library to monitor my Raspberry Pi and Windows hosts…

I just noticed yesterday that the individual gauges for items such as “CPU Usage” and “Memory Free” are now showing horizontal and vertical scroll bars. I’m not sure when this started. I have not made any changes to the dashboards. The scroll bars appear in multiple browsers. I’ve tested on both Chromium on the Pi I’m running the TIG stack on and Firefox for Windows. I’ve included a screenshot from both Chromium and Firefox.



Since no changes to the dashboards themselves have been made, I’m hoping this is maybe a global setting that could have been changed that is causing the behavior.

Any suggestions what to check/change to get the gauges back to normal?

Thanks for any help!

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I found the issue (already fixed)…

Although the issue and fix references v10.3, I’m running v10.2.3. Setting the gauges to “auto” worked for me.