Iframe's dashboard displaying unusable/unwanted white scrollbars in legends

Running Debian 10
Grafana 7.5.10

I’m iframing grafana dashboards to a internal site, with tabbed naviagtion. When a user selects a page with mulitple tabs the first page loads fine, when the user selects another tab on the same page the dreaded scrollbars appear. If you do a F5/Refresh of the entire page the scrollbars disappear. Anyone have any ideas on how to suppress the unwanted scrollbars?
Here’ a pic of what the scroll bars look like:

I found a solution to this problem within a post on the the OpenHAB site which is a Home Automation tool, Kudos to that author, his method to solve a refresh issue was solved by using

Followed up here on my own post to help those who may run into the issue in the future. If you find a better solution please post it here.

Thanks all,