Show Grafana dashboard using iframes

I am trying to show my Grafana Dashboards/panels on a separate URL and also share a live look at the dashboard with my team of 3. I am currently on Grafana 7.1 with a Personal Cloud setup and very new to Grafana. Any support/help would be greatly appreciated!


You haven’t actually said what your problem is.

You say you’re trying to show your Grafana Dashboards/panels on a separate

What URL are you trying to use?

How are you setting this up?

What happens when someone accesses the URL?

Try to give us enough information to understand:

a) what you are trying to achieve

b) what you have done so far to achieve it

c) what problem/s you have encountered

d) any error message you can find (in a browser, a log file, anywhere)

If we have enough data to replicate your situation, we may be able to suggest
a way round whatever difficulty you’re having.