Grafana IFrames are flickering when embeded in angular application

I embeded grafana graph’s IFrame in angular application, however I set autoRefresh of 10 sec.
It actually started flickering all the IFrames. I don’t think its because of auto refresh applied.

have any one faced same issue?

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Dear @vbwatve,

we believe we are observing the same thing. To verify that, we humbly ask you to visit the links as outlined in [1] in order to make sure we are talking about the same observation. We are talking about the panels embedded into these pages and what they do to their respective viewports after initial load.

Thanks in advance and with kind regards,


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Yes @amotl, The same problem i am observing on Mac. for ubuntu, it’s working fine on all the browsers.
I done the same, embeded panels in angular.

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Thanks, @vbwatve. So, let’s recap and clarify – obviously as guesstimates because the problem seems so strange we should not draw any preliminary conclusions yet.

  • This happens on macOS, it does not happen on Linux.
  • It happens when embedding Grafana panels (dashboard-solo) into plain HTML pages and Angular applications.

So glad to finally have found someone to investigate this further. Thanks!

I just have been able to observe that behavior also with Chrome on Android/LineageOS.

I believe this might be the best example to get a bit into the details. This HTML page

  • is a plain static HTML page generated by Sphinx.
  • contains three Grafana Dashboards in d-solo Panel mode embedded as iframes.

I just verified that none of the dashboards these embedded panels are coming from employs any refresh interval which I assumed could have triggered any focus action which might magically escape the iframe container – how ever this actually might happen at all!? For completeness, I’ve attached direct links to all of the panels embedded on this page below.

While I am unsure whether Layout changes when embedding dashboard might be related to this issue, I am humbly asking @prokopd if you could afford throwing some thoughts at this issue we are seeing here.

Thanks already and with kind regards,