Embedded Grafana panels unable to query

I have a bunch of grafana panels embedded into node red (NR). I can see they are querying well on the Grafana dashboard. When I go to embed them into NR, they sometimes query well. I can see they are querying because this symbol blinks:

Then there are times when this symbol doesn’t blink. That’s when my embedded panels freeze and data doesn’t update. Eventually it times out and reports a No Data on the panel.

My HTML looks like this:


<iframe src="" 
width="450" height="200" frameborder="0"></iframe>

//NOTE, more then one chart on a page, rename in the second and following 
//templates the "myframe" variable so that every template has a unique name.
(function(scope) {
    // watch msg object from Node-RED
    scope.$watch('msg', function(msg) {
        // new message received
        // var x = document.getElementById('myFrame');
        var x = document.getElementById('myFrame_2');
        x.setAttribute('src', msg.payload); 

I’m not great with HTML. Any ideas why it would freeze?


I see you went with a refresh set to 1s which i think is too low (depending on the data you are retrieving).

Can you try with a higher value (5 or 10s) ?

Hope it helps.

Good Luck