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Hi All,
I have embedded the Grafana dashboard into my website and it’s working fine but my issue is, it is not showing the filters on my website. I will add a screenshot so for easy understanding. See below image, these filters are not visible in embedded object.

Embedded Object

Welcome vikasbhadran

I do something similar, where I embed Grafana panels on Node-RED dashboard. To overcome the issue, I had to create separate buttons in the Node-RED UI dashboard to act as time selectors (which change the graphs displayed).

Hi, Thank you for your reply!
If you created your own filters then how did you pass that values into grafana? because grafana embedded object does not accept any inputs? please correct me if I am wrong.

Remember that I am embedding Grafana panels in Node-RED dashboard. Since there is no time selector in Node-RED, I defined some time variables in javascript like this:

var p_30d  = 1000*60*60*24*30 ; //30 Days
var p_7d  = 1000*60*60*24*7 ; //7 Days
var p_1d   =  1000*60*60*24 ; // 1 Day
var p_hr = 1000*60*60; //1 Hour

var d = new Date();
var current = d.getTime();

msg.fromdate = "now-" + msg.payload +"h";
msg.enddate = "now";

return msg;

I fed the above into a dashboard template node that contains this:


msg.payload= ""+
"&from="+ msg.fromdate +
"&to="+ msg.enddate +

return msg;

Here is what the flow looks like:

and here is the what the dashboard looks like:

Hi @grant2 How can i do the same in a web application

I am not a web app developer, so I am not the right person to ask, but I would think generally the same logic, i.e. javascript with iFrame, should be a good jumping off point.