Show data from another day without using time picker

Hi there,

so i have a dashboard and i put 2 panels there. one for show the data that picked from time picker and one for show the data in selected time without using time picker. before, i have tried using query option. but it’s static time range. if i want a dynamic time range, how do i achieve that? do I have to create a variable containing the timestamp? so that it can be selected according to the wishes of the user. if you have a sight, please share it to me

fyi, i used elasticsearch as a data source

Thank you

if you do not understand what I explained, just tell me

I do something similar, but to do it, I embed Grafana graphs into another application (Node-RED dashboard) and one can click buttons (representing pre-set time values). See animated gif and write up here: Filter on Embedded item - #4 by grant2