Pre filter an embedded dashboard

Sorry for my english,
I have a web application where i embed iframe of grafana dashboards,
I would like to give some parametres to the iframe that it will filter the data of the panels based on these parameters, for exemple filtring the dashboard to show data only of a selected departement (departement of the user wich is connected to the web application for exemple ) , i think we can do that by creating variables (template dashboard) and then setting them in the url of the iframe dirrectly in the html, is there another “clean” way to do that ?
And if we consider we can do that, how can i prevent the user to remove this filter because i dont want him to see the issues of the other departements ( of course with letting him setting the other filters ).
Thanks for your help
Best regards

Hey, did you figure out how to do this? I’m considering using Grafana in the same way.