How to expose filters to grafana embed?

Hi I am new to grafana,
Is it possible to bring the filtering capabilities from a dashboard/panel to an iframe/embed version of the data?

We want to build custom dashboards for our stakeholders who are not familiar with grafana, then we want to embed them in one of our web applications.

The idea being to create a unified experience for our stakeholders who are currently use one of our web apps (which acts a 1 stop/hub/service portal). Avoiding needing to move to a different application would be ideal

Attached is in image of the challenge I am facing:

Followup questions

  • Would a custom plugin be the solution to this?
  • What other alternatives might be good?
  • Anyone else face a similar situation & if so, what direction did you ultimately take?

Not sure why you have this categorized under grafana plugin development?

Also I don’t think this is a grafana issue but more of embedding grafana into another web portal.