Dynamic filtering using Grafana

I was wondering if its possible to do Dynamic Filtering using Grafana on the visual level.

On other similar products to Grafana like PowerBI, Tableau, Spotfire, etc., the user can click on a segment of a visual (a slice of a pie chart for example) and the entire dashboard will re-query the data and display data corresponding to the selection.

For example, if the pie chart had three foods: pizza, hot dog, burger. By clicking on burger, the dashboard would apply a SELECT * FROM TABLE WHERE FOOD = BURGER to the entire dataset. Is this feature possible to achieve in Grafana? I know we can add variables on the top left, but that is not very intuitive to the end user. I want to allow the end user to click on parts of the visual that interests them to drill down the data that way.

I think Data links are the closest thing that Grafana offers for what you have described.

Thats slightly disappointing hahaha. Is there ways to edit the JavaScript of the visuals to add an “OnClick” functionality?