Variable filters for Real time use

Hey, I am trying to figure out how to create variables in grafana to be used in real time visualisation. My real time data is coming from MQTT . I want to add variable filters to be used in these real time panels. Any suggestions.?

Welcome @virajraul

Unfortunately the MQTT datasource plugin does not offer options (that I know of) to add variable filters. The only way I think it could be done would to embed the Grafana panel as an iFrame in Node-RED dashboard and create buttons that mimic the different filters you want to display (e.g. field A, field B, etc.). I did this with time selectors in javascript. See more here.

Thank you, but is there any other way without using Node-Red.?
My processing and pipeline is through Nifi so I am thinking to send the variable data from Grafana to my process in Nifi and it will change accordingly, is it possible .?

I cannot think of any other options. Maybe contribute to the plugin to see this feature added?