Grafana Live Streaming from Telegraf

I have setup a streaming data flow from my PLCs through MQTT → Telegraf → Grafana Live. My question is how can i use dashboard variables to allow me to template the dashboard. I have MachineID as a variable. For example there are MachineID 100, 101, 102. There are metrics for each machine: BPM, Meter, Status. I cannot figure out how to use the Grafana Live datasource and load where the topic is “Machine/${mID}/BPM” for example. Am I missing something?

I am 95% sure you can do what you want if you were to use Node-RED between your MQTT data and InfluxDB. Then, in Grafana, you will have “MachineID” as a variable. Here is the article that can guide you through this process.

I am able to get the data loading into Influx properly. I THINK were my issue may lie is that the Grafana Live datasource does not, as yet, support panel variables??? Incidentally I did away with the MQTT service as it ended up not being needed. I will explore Node-Red regardless as it seems to be pretty cool little service.

Does this just mean you have Telegraf → Grafana Live?

I think you may be correct that Grafana Live datasource does not (yet) support variables.

We use a SCADA platform called Ignition. Ignition posts JSON formatted data to Telegraf and Telegraf posts it to both Influx for historical and Grafana Live for Streaming display.

Very cool. This product features Ignition and can do a lot of I/O.

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