Passing template variable to Grafana data source - live measurement streaming

Hello, I am using Grafana enterprise 8.3.6 version. I am able to live stream IOT sensor data into Grafana by using data source as Grafana and live measurement. The dashboard is showing all the sensor data in near real time. I have taken following approach .
MQTT=>Telegraf (HTTP endpoints)=> Grafana.
Everything is working fine. But one thing i found missing is that i cannot pass template variables to live streaming panel by any means. I want to create a single dashboard for all the different kind of devices. For an example , lets say if i select a item(device id) from the drop down list which is created through template variables , i should be able to see live streaming of selected device and all its parameters like motor temperature , vehicle speed etc. etc. As of now all the devices are listed below the panel and lets say if there is a 1000 devices then there is too much dense data which is not easy to filter . My question is that is there any way to pass template variable to live streaming panel? It is possible to pass template variable in Grafana in case data source is influx dB which i have already tested , but if data source is Grafana live stream , can i pass template variable to live streaming data source ? if yes how can i achieve this. Please suggest.