Problem on Grafana Dashboard Refreshes

I am currently using Grafana version 7.1.1 on a Raspberry Pi 4 , using an InfluxDB v1.8.1. When Dashboards are being refreshed, there is like a ghosting effect (old number and current new number sitting on top of one anther), which occurs on the Guage plugin. The onle way to fix it, that I have found, is to exit from the dashboard and re-enter the dashboard again all good again until the next refresh. Is there a way to fix this problem.? Has anyone else had this type of prolem? I have also tried using different broswers, i.e chrome, edge and firefox and the same problem occurs. Have attached a couple of images as an example. I aslo dont have problems else where on other graph type plugins. Any type of advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.