Repeating Panels with Variables: Value Mappings/Thresholds for Tables

Hello, im playing around with variables and value mappings/thresholds. Right im using repeat panels to compare funds monthly performance.

I have also some percentiles (95% and 66%) which I calculated. I want to add cell colour based on the calculated percentiles – Monthly positive performance above the 95th percentile is represented in dark green, while performance above the 66th percentile appears in light pale green. Conversely, monthly negative performance below the 95th percentile is displayed in dark red, and below the 66th percentile is depicted in light pale red.

However, the problem im facing is that each fund has different percentiles and I don’t know the way I can make the value mappings to be dynamic by funds. I have attached an example which I did for a fund manually. As you can see I want to do the same thing for the second fund on the right but based on its own particular percentiles.