Dynamic Thresholds using variables in Grafana

I am using Grafana Dashboard to display some of my treemap panels where I needed Dynamic Threshold using variable.
Inside variable here I am using query to get low and high thresholds value and those values I need to use in my treemap panels.
But i didn’t find any way to do this. I tried config-from-query-results transformations but here also two mains issues:

  1. I can not set coloring here as i was use to do with static threshold.
  2. I can not set multiple thresholds.

Second way I tried to use value mapping but here also I was stuck as only fixed value I can use but I can not use variable here.
Please Help??

~ the grafana team

@nigotiapriyanka have you tried the method described by Grant here?

@melori.arellano Thanks for the reply.
I checked Grant post, but my requirement is different. My Treemap is changing according to value I am selecting from variable and I have 10 to 15 drop-down values in my variable and I can not fix set point. Treemap is changing according to dropdown value selection, every time each dropdown selection have different low and high threshold values.