Config from Query - Multiple Thresholds

Hello there, I am using Grafana 9.0.2 and trying to set up a Bar Gauge panel with Thresholds configured from query.

I managed to configure a single threshold as this article
and this [panel] (Grafana) suggest.

this is the configuration I am using:
and it works fine, except for:

  1. Cannot set colors as I was used to do with static thresholds:

  2. Cannot set multiple thresholds as I was used to do with static thresholds.

For instance there is no way (as far as I looked for) to invert red and green in this one:

Or to set a different color for values from 60% to 80%. I tried to use Threshold2 but it does not actually exist.

No error were received in any way.

Is there any way to obtain this result with config from query?

if so, there is an example of it? (no examples for this in

Thanks in advance,