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Grafana 8.1 (Edit on W7 machine)

Base on #159 forum topic - last message tells us that we can use query result as some config for other panel.
In my case i have 1 panel (Stat) → Two queries inside as A & B
A - have only value equal Actual Value (INT)
B - have only value equal Planned Value (INT)

I want to use B result as Threshold value for coloring Value of A.
I’m trying to get info from Grafana lab (description of ‘Config from query result’ function) but dont get enough to realize how it should be configured properly.

Im tryin different variation with ‘Use as’ Threshold1 or Value mapping / color…

But no effect that i expect… Sometimes it paint in Green - color which i didnt use in Threshold or Value mapping… i dont know why/how.

Links which was used:

Can you please give me example for such (as i think) easy thing…

Thanks in advance

Still tryin to find solution. Found this DEMO sandbox but there is only 1 query in Panel and it applies to itself…

The first panel has two queries - a time series query and a csv with the threshold values - so not sure I understand your question.

Could you show your query (a screenshot of the query tab and a screenshot of the Transform tab)? We then can hopefully build a better demo to help you

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Hello Daniellee.
Thanks for your reply.
Here it is

SO query A - its actual value (1 row always)
query B - its planned value (1 row always)
(Please notice that same DB datasoursetable just for example - its planned to be different later)

So idea - Use value of B query as color-threshold for A query.

Sorry - cant show you transform tab cause:

Now i made a pre-calculation with colorname values in this table and i can use it “for itself”(As in DEMO panels). But this is workaround and in future i wanna use other DB datasourcetable for this.

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