Thresholds Dynamic in Graphic Time Series

Responses using queries or data sources to enable dynamic thresholds?
try not to create value changes or limits with external data, variables or query results.

follow alternatives that I found but without success…

@grant2 ??? Helppppp, you are also looking for this solution, can you tell me?

@pablofmoura17 I am happy to help. Please share your datasource, query of data that you want to monitor (e.g. water temperature), and (if you have it) a query of the parameter that you want to use as a threshold.

Recall what I wrote in one of the forum posts you linked to above…

So just for those following along, the threshold you have created & displayed comes from your own query, which you called “Threshold”. The Threshold that Grafana offers (and which I showed in my screenshot) is static and cannot be tied to a query.

Hi, I had that problem before and I realized that it is impossible to manage dynamic thresholds in grafana,you cannot modify the thresholds using the DB or the grafana variables, I least I could not do it.

My solution: Install “HTML Graphics” plugin, remade the panel where you need the dynamic thresholds using this particular plugin (You will need some javascript/css/html knowledge) and in javascript you can call and use your grafana variables or DB in a more efficient way to create dynamic thresholds.

Did you add this plugin in the same panel, with existing graphics?

I have this graphic type, graphana’s own graph, how did you put limits on the graph? Creating another graphic in html graphics, or just creating the boundaries in htmlgraphics?


I have this graph, receiving data from an influx, data in series, I want to add an alert, limit, that is dynamically, who will define this, will be my client, passing this data in the url, then grafana receives as a variable, and this variable changes the value of the thresholds, but as far as I’m looking, thresholds are static, where should I start?


I have found that creating another query or transformation is often sufficient. For example, in the screenshot below, I have 2 queries (actual and setpoint). I used simple math transformations (setpoint -20 and setpoint +20) to create the orange lines. I created alerts to notify me whenever the actual value crosses the UCL or LCL.

Does your client already have a website created where the limit(s) / boundaries will be entered? Do you already have a method created to take that input and send to InfluxDB, so that Grafana can plot it and alert against it?

Node-RED dashboard is very easy to set up and will accomplish the above tasks, but it will run on the local network only unless you go through some extra security steps to place it on the Internet.

Hi, Could you please share your queries? I’m trying to do something similar but I’m not able to achieve it. Attaching a screenshot for reference. I need to place a dynamic threshold on this bar graph.