Giving custom thresholds while using Repeat Panel option

I am using a status panel to display some value for around 100 servers and have used the repeat panel option to make it for all the 100 servers.
Is there a way to change the threshold for Warning and Critical only for 5 servers. Currently whenever I change the threshold for any one of them, it gets changed for all, of-course because it is a repeated panel. But is there any workaround for this?

Hi !
I know it’s been a while but i was facing this issue and I might have found how to resolve it.

I have a variable name “Lignes” and a simple gauge pannel with a “repeat on” condition.
By naming the field returned by the querry “$Lignes” you can have a dynamic name wich can be used in the overide section. For exemple with the querry : SELECT 12 AS “$Lignes”
Using the “Fields with name matching regex” overide you can then modify everithing, like the thresholds