Render panel in overlay pop up

Grafana Version - v9.3.1
Operation System - Windows 10

Our requirement is to open the drilled down table panel as a overlay pop up window. e.g. We are showing certain statuses in stat panel. And if for FAILURE statuses user click on that panel, the table panel which is drilled down and display all failed transactions should open as overlay pop up in same dashboard. User can view and close this panel.

Please suggest me if any existing plugin is available to achieve this or can I extend/develop new plugin.



Have you lookied into the data link option

Thanks yosiasz for your quick reply. Yes, we explored the data link option but it redirect to other dashboard. We have to again give another link to return to home dashboard.
We want that drill down panel open on same dashboard as overlay pop up window. I feel this would be good user experience.

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