Grafana drill down

Hello , i wanted to ask if someone can tell /Show me how to create a Dashboard with the ability , if i click on the graph or Chart or whatever that after that another window opens where i can see more Details of the Chart . I hope i could explain it well

like this from fujitsu : https://www.youtubecom/watch?v=ReaDD0QZFkM


Have you looked at Data Links? They allow you to link to other dashboard or external web sites, while passing information about the point the user clicked on, for example.

I also wrote a blog post on Dashboard Navigation using Links that might be interesting as well.

You can also create links in the table panel, which is a common way to drill down to other dashboards.

First of all thanks for Reply
is there any kind of example dashboard? so i can look how it was made? would be really helpfull


For data links, check out the bottom panel on this dashboard:

Here are some tables with links:

Ok , so there is only the possibility to insert a link like in the tables that opens another window?

is there any way of copyn one of those charts in my own dashboard to test it how it would look like?

You can copy the JSON definition from one of the dashboard, by going to Dashboard Settings -> JSON Model.

For example, you can find the JSON model for the table links here:

Copy the JSON into a file, and import it under Manage dashboard in your own Grafana instance.

Is there any kind of Tutorial maybe for new ones? because i dont really understand all of that ?
Maybe a video or something like that?

for example , what is the diffrence between , Dashboard links and panel links?

Did you check out the blog post I linked earlier? It tries to explain the differences between the different types of links.

ok i understand , thx
So i have another question , as i can see i can only create links that appear in the corner of the Dashboard, but does some kind of plugin exist that allows me to CLICK IN the Dashboard for example the PIE Table , i click on one piece of the PIE and then another window opens where i can see more details of that piece of PIE ?

I hope i could explain it well enough

You are probably thinking of data links.

Data links are links that open when you actually click in a panel. To get different links by field or table column, use field configuration overrides. Field overrides are exactly the same as field configuration options, but they apply only to one field rather than the entire table or visualization.

Field tab data link = Links all columns in your table
Override tab data link = Links one column in your table

Btw, if any part of the doc is not clear or can be improved, please file an issue or PR. This is a new feature, so we are still trying to get the docs to be the most useful for our users!

First of all thanks for the information ,thats a lot of stuff , im new into all this , is there any kind of tutorial or example dashboard with those features?

As long as you don’t mind broken links, here are some older ones:

Dashboard links:
Panel links, some of these links don’t work:
Data link example, click on the graph to see the link:

@amagonawin Just to be sure - what precisely do you mean by “more detail” that should appear in a new window? If you simply mean an enlarged view of a narrower time frame like e.g. Munin does, that can be accomplished in Grafana by choosing a different time frame in the upper right corner of the dashboard.
Links of any kind - as far as i understand - will always lead you to a new dashboard. Which of course can be one set up to provide more detail on a particular set of metrics. But it’s not “drilling down” as I understand that term.

So it all depends on what you mean by that and by “more detail”.

Kind regards,

well , if i can describe it , not exactly more detail , but if u click on one dashboard , for example like the “pie example” then the piece of the pie should open another tiny window where i can put more details in it , like if you have a dashboard where all important kpis are visually there and u want to see more detail of those visualisation , then u click on that dashboard graphic and another window appears where more details about the data that is inside there

phew i hope i could explain it wlel enogh ,
like the fujitsu intelligent dashboard, link it above

In that case you are probably better off with Elastic than Grafana. It behaves in that way. And you can save any particular detail view as a new dashboard widget any time.

Anyway, you cannot drill down into something you have not defined in the first place. So this Fujitsu video looks mostly like a fancy trchnology demo to me - have you actually used that software?

ah sad , i have to use grafana its for my Bachelore thesis , so there is no way that it can work in that way? is there no plugin?
but still thanks for the advice tho

Grafana panels to the best of my knowledge are static. You need to define everything you want to evaluate upfront. Of course you can create the illusion of a drill-down in your sense by creating the more detailled views as dashboards and adding them as links.

As I said in Elastic you can live-add arbitrary constraints and/or metrics to your existing visualisation and save that as a widget once you are satisfied.

In that Fujitsu demo of course everything shown has been programmed and set up first. You do not really believe some magic product created all of this on the fly?

What’s the subject of your thesis? They cannot force you to use Grafana and then expect something Grafana is unable to deliver. Yet, if you are supposed to implement something like the “drill-down” capability, you should be free to pick your tools, shouldn’t you? Like Elastic …

visualization of Database , with grafana , i have to create a dashboard with all the importan KPIs of the Company , and the wish would be to create it like fujitsu if its possible
so if u guys could help me in any way i would appreciate it