Sub dashboards in Grafana

How can I create sub dashboards in grafana that supports the main dashboard. adding more graphical details about the main dashboard as a sub dashboard.

I’m not sure what you mean by main/sub dashboards. Could you provide some examples of how you’d like this to work?

Some ideas that comes to mind:

  • The Dashboard List panel lets you link to other dashboards
  • Panel links lets you link to another dashboard with more details.
  • If you’re running Grafana 6.3+ you can also use the Data Link feature that lets you create more dynamic drilldown links based on a specific time series for example.
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Panel links lets you link to another dashboard with more details.

This is what I need but instead of switching to another dashboard using link , I need to do that switch using some another way.

So, how do you want to do it, if not by clicking on a link?


while clicking on the home button, Is it possible to come as a sub item for the main dashboard??

It sounds like you want to create nested dashboards, which I’m not even sure how it would work. I’d like to understand why the panel link is not working for you.

If you want to create nested dashboard for organization, maybe you want to take a look at Folders, or even filtering by tags.

Thank you @marcusolsson Created folders and tags. I think this is enough for now. thanks for thr help

I’m glad it worked out for you!