Call another Dashboard from the current dashboard

is there a dashboard plugin that allowsus to display another dashboard from the current one?

Imagine I use the status panel in my dashboardA, and to go deep in the details of what is going wrong, I would like to be able to go to another dashboard B which contains another status panel or a graph panel for example etc.

Maybe “drilldown” links will be useful? Check it in general tab in panel settings.

it looks like to be the right feature but I dont know how to fill it even with the doc
for example “the dashboard value must be the name of a dashboard” where is defined the dashboard name ? how to get it ?
as I am in a status panel, how to pass the parms of the current “block” to the next dashboard ?
i’m lost :confused:

in the panel status, I loop on $host var I defined in the panel of the dashboard and I made grafana repeat each block on that var. I would like to go the the panel which suits the name $host, but that does not seem to work