Drill-down/Link to Another Panel, not Another Dashboard


I am looking to setup a dashboard that provides a TABLE panel of items, and in that table would be a column would be linkable. I want that link to target another panel, not another dashboard.

Today, I can have multiple dashboards that can do drill-down from a table top level items, where Dashboard A is a top level, then Dashboard B has secondary items through a Template Variable which is linked from Dashboard A. Then Dashboard B could have a link to Dashboard C, which has a Template Variable passed from B, etc… This would be an example of Dashboard Drill-Through, which is done today.

What I want is to have all that happen on 1 dashboard, and Panel A link to Panel B (which filters based upon A), which links to Panel C (which filters based upon B), etc… This would keep the user seeing the context of A -> B -> C -> D etc…

Any ideas?

I was thinking maybe you could specify a specific panel id in the Dashboard Link url and get the template variables passed with it but I don’t think it will work currently. Think we need to implement these two features first.

Yes, I see that #9259 would be a possible solution to it, but that scenario, the entire page might end-up refreshing, which wouldn’t be desirable. Since Grafana is heavily AJAX/partial-page refresh based, the ability to target a panel would be great.

I have been able to link to the same dashboard to the panel in “View” mode (aka - panel in full screen mode) and that works, once again, it takes you out of content.