Data Links to Drill down in Grafana 7.0

Hi all, I am trying to take a value from a table’s column and pass it to the URL of another dashboard when click. Once the new dashboard opens, I need that dashboard to display more information based on the clicked value. So far, I managed to get the value with the data link and ${__value.text} template. However, when the new dash opens, I am unable to pass that value from the URL to the MSSQL query in the WHERE statement. I have looked all over the place and spent a few hours trying to come up with a solution unsuccessfully. Is there a tutorial or a post somewhere that will show the process to accomplish the same thing?

Thanks a lot, let me know if I need to provide more information.

Thanks again!

yes, please some more informations and an example to comprehend

Sorry, being new to Grafana and not having a clear understanding of how the variables worked lead me to the question above. So, it turns out that the parameter is passed down to the query using the variable name. In my case $event. So now when I click on the data link, it takes me to another dashboard where I can see more information about that specific event.
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no problem
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