Links - Column value as a variable in a link

I’d like to generate a query that generates a table.

The value of column 1 needs to be a link to another dashboard which will be set up to use that value as a parameter in a query.

Currently, the data that is returned is like the following:

“[SITE] - Customer Name - Normal”

When the table is drawn out, the link looks like the following:[SITE]%20-%20Customer%20-%20Normal

When the value of the parameter is fed back into the next dashboard, I am not getting any results, because I think the actual value going into it is: “[SITE]%20-%20Customer%20-%20Normal”

Instead of: “[SITE] - Customer - Normal”

Am I assuming right? If so, how do I get around that?

I am on Grafana 6.2.0 and am using mysql and the table widget.

i do not understand you very well, can you give more details?

You have put var- before name variable and sure variable has create in next dashboard.[SITE]%20-%20Customer%20-%20Normal