Using hidden field or query value within Data Links on a Table

I am using a Table to show list of items from a query and then allowing the user to click on a row and open another dashboard.

So I have a query that returns 3 items (id, name, value). In the table I want to show just the name and value columns and then have a data link on the name item to link to another dashboard.

The issue is that I need to pass the ‘id’ value to the new dashboard. I started by using
var-release_id=${__data.fields[id]:raw}. (Also tried with out the raw) in the Data Link for the nam column and it all worked fine. But as soon as I used a Transform to hide the id column the link no longer works as the variable is not replaced by the id.

How can I get this to work? Using latest Grafana 7 release


I am also interesting by this topic.
I have a value in the table and I want to hide it because not interesting for the dashboard reader.
On another colums, I added a link to an external website that use the hidden value as query variable.

Any workaround or idea for this?


Unfortunately hidden variables can’t be used as query variable - yet.

But as reference there is a feature request on github:

You can go back to using the old table panel which is still usable in Grafana 7. Just edit your panel JSON and change the type to “table-old” to get the an old table panel which you can then hide columns but still reference them.