Use link variable in query?


I created a table with a column rendered as a link.
Link looks like this:

Question: (how) can I use the variable in the linked dashboard in a db-query?

Thanks in advance


For the dashboard you’re linking to you’ll need to define a template variable that you’ll use in your queries, see templating documentation.

Usually you may have a template variable of type query that holds a list of something, for example hostnames, device names, and you can then filter a dashboard based on all or some of these values using a drop down.
Howver, If I understand your questions correctly you want to provide an integer value of 170 to a dashboard. Then I imagine that you may want to be able to set this integer to basically whatever value. Then I would suggest that you create a constant template variable:

You can choose Hide=variable if you don’t want it to appear as a dropdown in your dashboard.

Then, to link to your dashboard you’ll use /dashboard/db/singledb?var-measvardefid=<value> and replace with your table column value.

Please try it out and let me know if it works out as planned


Hi Marcus,

thanks for your reply. I missed the the leading "var- " as described in the docu.
Now it works fine.