Doubt in Dashboard - Link's and "Buttons"

Hi. I’m starting to take my first steps at Grafana and already have some videos. My doubt is as follows:
Is there any possibility of having links and buttons to navigate within the graph for different dashboards?
If both are possible, how to do it?

Welcome to the Grafana forum.

If I understand your question correctly, you wish to click on a panel (type?) and have it navigate to a different dashboard (with it’s own URL). There is a recent discussion on Github that may lead to a future change in case this or this do not work for you.

Hello. Thank you very much for your help.
In a recent research I saw that it is possible to navigate between dashboards through links, or to navigate out of dashboards through links. My question is whether there is any way for me to create “buttons” that allow me to navigate between dashboards.

There is this Button plugin, but it would not be embedded within a panel, so perhaps not exactly what you have in mind.