Entire Stat Panel clickable for link

In older version of Grafana, when creating a link for a Stat Panel, the entire panel was clickable. I built out a couple dashboards to use on large touch screen TVs that you could navigate around with. It the latest version of Grafana, the only portion that is clickable is up in the top left corner which makes it less user friendly for touchscreens. I can not seem to get that feature back and had to copy and paste old panels into the new dashboard. Is there a trick to do this or just a feature that was removed from the latest version of Grafana?

Thank you

thank you very much! i think this is the same thing i am experiencing. i will start following those threads to see when the fix goes out and build a new test environment to verify for my deployment. Thank you again!

My guess is that they will fix it in the coming months. I have noticed that the Grafana team iterates fairly quickly.