"Click to go to:" link on Stat panel

is there a way to enable ‘click to go to:’ link on Stat panel like in old Singlestat panel (picture belowe)


You can add one or more data links. In v7 it’s at the bottom of the Field tab in panel settings.

You get a mouse pointer with “…” when you hover, then a left-click shows the links.

I know that, but when there is only one link I want direct click link like in Singlestat panel, while with data links there is menu opened and then link must be selected

I could keep using the singlestat panel, but it was removed in version 7.0

I have the same problem, we are using the Singlestat panel for jumping to different dashboards from the Home dashboard and the data links are not a solution. Is there nothing, how to solve this problem?

There is obviously an issue on git: https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/26805