Stat panel clickable display name

I have created an IT infrastructure dashboard with stat panel ( grafana 7.3 ). Now I want link each stat panel with some detailed dashboard .
I am not satisfied with or data link , is there a way to make display name clickable in stat . Also when is the next grafana version releasing.

If you are asking if there is a way to make the whole rectangular stat panel become a clickable link that will take you to another detailed dashboard, then I believe that option is NOT currently available.

I would like to see that option available for my own use as well.

There is a tool called centreon map , I was using that tool , whole rectangular is clickable , and it has some amazing features but lacks gradient background .

I have tried grafana 6.7 single stack panel, click is working but gradient background not.

I hope grafana will release stat panel with one click data link.