Remove Hours minutes and seconds from a table

Hi, i have AWS CloudWatch as Datasource.
Im trying to make a dashboard with some date data.
My query returns this info:


I just want to remove the hour + min + secs time stamps, i only need the YYYY-MM-DD

Im using Grafana 8.0.6

Thanks in advance


I’m also having this same problem.
Presume you’re using API Get and the result is JSON?
I’ll let you know I get anywhere!

Hello, maybe it’s too late but I have the answer.

This is my input before all transformation :


But I don’t want this format, so, I go “Transform”, then “Convert field type”

The result is :

But now, I want to erase the “000” like your problem.

So now I go on right panel and click on “Add Field Override”


And I manually add this : time: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss (copy paste)
(time: YYYY-MM-DD in your case)

So now I have this result :

So now I have the good format and I delete the “000”

See you.


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